Neos II 16 SE ac
Neos II 16 SE acNeos-II-16aNeos-II-20-SE

Neos II 16 SE ac

Technical characteristics

  • Model: Neos II 16 SE ac
  • Capacity: 1600 kg
  • Lifting: 8250 mm
  • Use: Outside

Product Description

The reach truck with superelastic tires is a revolutionary machine. It is designed to do the work of a traditional forklift truck while maintaining the functions, the characteristics and the compact dimensions of a reach truck. The superelastic wheels (drive and load) with big dimensions (18×7-8), and the electric power steering with dedicated motor for safe, precise and noiseless operation grant to overpass the floor irregularities which are usually a limitation for this category of products.
The operator’s living is ergonomic and comfortable thanks to suspended seat with different adjustments, adjustable steering wheel in depth and the easy access to each control ensure high comfort and more productivity.

Technical specifications Neos II 16 SE ac